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CEKOL Q-7 Express Fast Set 20kg

CEKOL Q-7 Express Fast Set 20kg

CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS Fast setting time (about 4 hours) enables quick repair works is a cement-based adhesive (C) with improved technical parameters (2), fast setting (F) with reduced slump (T) and extended open time (E). Can be used to bond ceramic, stoneware and natural stone tiles to concrete, brick, aerated concrete, expanded concrete, LECA blocksCEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS recommended for quick installation of small and medium sized tiles

20 kg bag 

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The substrate should be clean, dense and free of grease; any emulsion or oil paint residues and loose sand grains should be removed with a spatula or rough brush.


The mortar should be prepared by pouring 1 kg of powder to 0.19 – 0.21 l of water (3.8 – 4.2 l of water for a 20 kg bag), and then mixed thoroughly with a slow mixer to a uniform consistency. Wait approx. 3 minutes and mix thoroughly again. Prepare enough adhesive mortar to be used within 30 minutes.


Apply the adhesive to the prepared substrate using a notched trowel. For heated surfaces, turn off the heat before installing the tiles. Turn on at least 7 days after tile installation. When bonding highly absorbent tiles and stoneware tiles outdoors, apply CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS in a continuous coat both on the substrate and on the underside of the tiles, which will greatly increase adhesion. Provide a waterproofing layer in areas prone to water seepage.

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