K DASH - Grouting mortar for bricks white

K DASH - Grouting Mortar For Stone & Bricks- White (25kg)

K Dash Traditional Fine Mortar is manufactured to ISO 9001 and provides a cost-effective solution for dry dashing.

*Grout - Coverage: 4 sqm

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Can be applied in the following cases:

Outdoor and indoor plaster coating, bricklaying of load-bearing, partition and foundation walls, vaults, pillars and load-bearing columns, mounting of all types of anchor elements. It can be used in building elements which have to meet a fire reaction class and thermal insulation requirements.

Mortar preparation

Pour the mortar from the bag into a clean container with the suitable amount of water and mix using a mixer with a drill (or in cement mixer) until homogenous. Leave the mortar to rest for 5 minutes and remix. The mortar is ready to use directly after mixing and should be used up within approx. 4 hours. Plaster application Apply the plaster in two coats. In order to obtain even surface, use plastering beads which are installed mechanically or embedded in the mortar (mesh beads). The first phase is application of the base coat. When the first coat initially sets (but not hardens completely), apply the finish coat. In both stages, the plaster should be applied evenly with a trowel. Collect excess of mortar with a polystyrene or wooden float and put back into the container. Fresh surface can be levelled with a feather edge supported on the plastering beads. 


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