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Your home decor should be in harmony with your personality and keep pace with your evolving aesthetic preferences. Thinking of those users who appreciate uncommon solutions that guarantee an outstanding final effect, the MAGNAT brand has developed an infographic cycles, outlining the use of various MAGNAT Style decorating systems. Metallici is just a start!

If you wish to revolutionise your interiors, a mixture of colours and textures to create the desirable atmosphere and tone might be just what you need. By using well-matched solutions, featuring an ideal combination of various elements, you may obtain extraordinary decorative effects.
MAGNAT Style decorating systems may be an excellent source of inspiration if you are looking for original interior design ideas. Infographics will guide you through various product applications, providing an incentive to search for new forms of interior design expressions, which will reflect your personality and needs.

Product preparation

Ready-to-use product. Before application mix slowly and carefully. Repeat this action during application. Do not dilute with water, add lime or mix with other paints.



Regardless of the substrate type, it’s always required to cover the substrate uniformly with MAGNAT LATEX MATT Base – an interior latex paint.


By using a paintbrush in criss-cross directions apply a coat of MAGNAT Style Metallici so as to prevent the metal particles from crushing. Approximately 30 min (taking into account the weather conditions) after application, when the coat is about to dry out, we smooth the coat with gentle movements by taking advantage of Venetian Trowel and leave it till drying out.
Useful Products:
Paintbrush for MAGNAT Venetian Plaster (50 mm/2”) or (125 mm/5”), A trowel for Venetian Plaster.

Additional information:

Appropriate substrate preparation, use of recommended tools and painting methods contribute to obtaining a declared product efficiency. Painting works must be performed at the substrate and ambient temperature between +5°C and +25ºC and air humidity not exceeding 75%. Protect against influence of frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: between +5°C and +25°C. Store in sealed containers. The product does not require special application skills from the contractor.

The first of the iconographic cycles shows the Metallici MAGNAT Style structural paint with the characteristic metallic finishing effect. It creates stylish metallic reflections which make the wall sparkle with silver, graphite, gold or copper particles. The final effect may range from subtle to contrastive combinations, depending on your colour and interior design preferences. Metallici will suit both industrial interiors and interiors where modernity is combined with classic accessories.

Get inspired by the MAGNAT Style infographics!

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