Venetian Plaster or Pergameno? Application of decorative plasters.

Decorative wall textures allow to create an individual and unique character within the interior. Decorating rooms by taking advantage of them, both on the whole surface of walls or some sections, overcomes barriers and makes the interior special. It’s a new, easy-to-use and original way to renew our premises. While choosing decorative systems it’s worth thinking over their use in all interiors, take a closer look at their appearance and impression they make, so that the final effect can meet our expectations.

Venetian Plaster and Pergameno are decorative textures which refer to natural materials, however, they are completely different in perception. Venetian Plaster resembles a cold, in its nature, old plaster, introduces also to the interior this severe and noticeable note. Pergameno emphasizing a texture of crumpled paper can contribute to a warm and delicate climate.

Venetian Plaster, thanks to white particles, resembles an old plaster. Ideal for interior of rustic, colonial or Mediterranean style, where by suggesting a flow of time, can impart a unique feature to the interior. It’s important to colour the texture suitably, adjust it not only to the interior decoration, but emphasize its style.

It’s worth taking advantage of Venetian Plaster when it comes to interior decor of loft type. Mineral plasters, visually imitating venetian plaster, used to cover the interiors of former factories. While creating interiors of industrial character we can choose cool colours.

Venetian Plaster can also be used in modern interiors. As an interesting, unusual surface can be a decorative element of the interior decor.

Pergameno is a decorative texture which is also associated with a passage of time. In its nature, resembles a crumpled paper and forms a characteristic shadows and lines.

It’s a neutral and warm decoration. Can perfectly conceal any wall imperfections, introduces a favourable and idyllic atmosphere to the interior. Also, affects the interior’s acoustic, by making it a bit quiet.

These features make the texture very popular in bedrooms, living rooms and the areas where we tend to have a rest more willingly.

An interesting decorative operation might be application of MAGNAT Style Metallico, a metallic paint, on Pergameno. Thanks to that, a natural in its nature texture, gains a completely different and very modern image. This decoration character allows to use it not only in traditional interior decorations but also modern and more bold ones.

Venetian Plaster and Pergameno contribute to a totally different, however, very natural decorations. A decision which texture to choose must be made by the interior’s function and style, also the texture’s nature, so that the decorations can fluently go with the character and atmosphere of the interior.