Venetian Stucco
Venetian Stucco
Venetian Stucco
Venetian Stucco

WAX For Venetian Stucco 0.4Kg

Venetian stucco WAX  0.4 kg - Impregnating and Protective Wax is a paste that provides additional shine and facilitates subsequent care of the surface obtained with Venetian Stucco or MAGNAT Style Lime Stucco. It is produced on the basis of dispersion and waxes. Creates a fully transparent coating that allows the original stucco color to be retained, resistant to washing with water with detergents and mechanical abrasion. Properties: impregnates and protects against dirt, gives shine, ensures "breathing" of walls

Bucket Size: 0.4 Kg

Coverage:  Up to 32 Sqm Per Tube 1 coat

Colour : Clear

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Venetian Stucco is a decorative effect available in wide variety of colors that when applied using correct method can be used to successfully imitate marble slabs with different finishes: satin (natural), glossy (polished) and intensive gloss (polished and waxed).

The perfectly smooth, shined surface of Venetian Stucco reflects light, creates depth and the effect of color hues blending with each other which forms an impressive decoration of walls and architectural details indoors. With proper protection Venetian Stucco can be used in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms where the coat will not be exposed to direct effect of water and in places where it will be cleaned with water and detergents. 

Phases of the effect application:

Phases of the effect application 

See Venetian stucco in 16 base colors:

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