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White brick in the bedroom

Antique Brick resembles former classic style of arranging spaces, particularly large living areas. It seemingly gives you the impression of being cold and creating a harsh atmosphere. Perfectly harmonises with nearly all decorations: both with modern, conservative and rich, antique furniture.
Can be easily painted to any colour.

Brick in the interior has character. Bleached great in the bedroom, both in the company of furniture in strong colours, as well as subtle monochrome design with an abundance patterns. It can be painted cover paint gloss, so that visually enlarge the room. Or casually pull the brush to the wall looked like a shabby wall in the loft. Highlighted string lights, neon on both sides of the bed to shine its decorative structure.

why white brick?

• pronounced texture of the brick give an interesting look inside
• good background for smooth color headrest beds
• painted with washable paint will be easy to clean
• great for loft, but also to the classic Scandinavian design
• be highlighted create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom