Upholstered Panels RECTANGLE 60cm x 30cm

Upholstered panels the oblong shape of the panels gives the room elegance. The elements are perfect as a headboard decoration in a bedroom, without any necessity connecting smaller elements together. You can arrange them in the form of monochrome, uniform arrangements or in any combination of shapes and colors within one series. Our panels also have soundproofing properties according to the standards. Ventilated backing Thanks to special holes, our panels "breathe", they do not constitute a tight barrier between plasters or other surfaces, and the fastened element itself, thanks to which there is no risk of fungus or mold accumulation in the direct place of panel installation. Easy to cleaning. A damp cloth is enough to clean the dirty panel. By installing the panels, you can avoid a long renovation that accumulates a lot of dust, clutter and both financial and technical preparations. Our panels can be attached to any substrate without prior preparation of the wall. So we save time and money.

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