Attic And Wall Wool Insulation

TOPROCK PREMIUM mats are the best choice for insulating attics, also in rafter solutions, wooden ceilings, suspended ceilings, e.g. over unheated rooms, walls with a frame structure

TOPROCK PREMIUM mats are a non-flammable product with the highest class of reaction to fire, which guarantees an increase in the level of fire safety in your home. Thanks to this product, in the summer your attic will be pleasantly cool, and in the winter the insulation of rock wool will retain heat, thanks to which heating costs will also be reduced.TOPROCK PREMIUM for professionals

TopROCK PREMIUM mat is a product designed for attic insulation with higher requirements - it is a product with the highest thermal parameters among rock wools and with the highest density among insulating materials. Its high quality 

guarantees the best effect - no speculation and delamination, and thanks to the high density, the work is facilitated because there is no need to string the insulation

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