Brick Cladding

Brick Veneer tiles are a replica of natural brick made of high-quality concrete and plasters. Products come in a couple of different designs and color options. Very lightweight tiles and simple to install. Suitable for internal and external applications. Ideal for feature walls fireplaces, garden walls or even the front of your home or building.Reclaimed Brick Slips are cut from natural full bricks which comes from buildings build in XVIII centuries. Natural brick slips are only 18- 20mm in thickness and can be installed on most sound surfaces and plasterboard walls.In our opinion there are no restrictions when it comes to using brick walls in our interiors – your imagination is the only limit!Use Brick Slips to create an interior design that will make everyone sigh with awe! Whether it is a chimney breast or a feature wall, bricks work perfectly with modern interior designs.

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