A current trend of Loft Furniture

The style of interior design called 'loft' originated in New York City when factories began moving outside of the city limits during the industrial revolution. As a result, spacious industrial halls were left inside major metropolitan areas - and their open-air layouts soon attracted architects who saw potential to convert these spaces into dwellings. Soon, empty lofts became popular among artists and bohemians looking for inexpensive studio space - leading to a resurgence in 'loft-style living'. Want to decorate your home in this style? Reach for loft furniture.

Loft apartments are known for their open feel and large amount of natural light. Steel, wood, and glass dominate the interior space - making them sleek yet unconventional spaces. Being unconventional can create quite a striking first impression - which is no surprise as this design concept has attracted many people who like to express themselves differently from others and refuse to settle for anything less than perfect. To keep it looking especially raw and minimalist, one must pay attention to both the inside and outside of the space - such as what type of lofts furniture they use.

A distinct characteristic that distinguishes loft furniture from other types is its functional and purposeful design. Typical loft pieces include:

  • Simple, usually geometric forms — you won't find round - shaped dressers or sofas on spindly legs. If there is any furniture in the interior, it's often just rectangular or square tables on light frames, elongated cabinets suspended by thin wires and overstuffed armchairs of austere form with minimal cushioning.
  • Modest shades — are bright yellow, orange or red what you're looking for? This type of color isn't very common in homes designed in an industrial style; instead, these muted pastel shades might be more what fits your goals. Such furnishings don't pull too much attention to themselves and at the same time well complement raw elements like metal or hardwood flooring that are prevalent throughout lofts' designs.

Coffee Table Set Oak Wood

What are some ways to combine loft furniture?

One of the biggest advantages of loft furniture is that it can be mixed with many different types of furnishing while still retaining its look. As a result, one doesn't need to change their entire décor all at once, but gradually integrate loft furniture into their space.

Furniture with an industrial character goes well with:

  • modern, wooden furnishings - even if the chosen product does not have the typical shape for a loft arrangement, raw wood is always a good choice. For example, the Chop collection, which is unconventional and sophisticated- will work great. It does not overwhelm the interior, but complements it perfectly; so it fits perfectly in a loft living room.
  • solid ceramic pots - vegetal decoration is integral to loft style design. However, to make plants cohere with all of the rest of your interior decorating choices- place them on raw and elegant pots. Their smooth surface shows off plant leaves wonderfully, blending beautifully with other fabrics and elements from the furniture.
  • minimalist lighting - don't like basic factory lamps? No worries! For example glass spheres or lights on long cables are perfect for lofts! Sleek modern spotlights that span across your entire home space are also perfect.

Sofa Rossa

Wondering what window decorations would work well in a loft-style room? After all, this type of living space doesn't need curtains or drapes. All it needs is an unadorned view to the outside world - making it feel even more industrial and modern. But if you want privacy, just invest in some stylish metal blinds which are perfect for adjusting how much natural light flows into the room, along with protecting oneself from nosy neighbors peeping through windows!

Who would loft furniture suit?

Loft-style furnishings make an excellent choice for those who want order. Thanks to their metal construction, most are lightweight and easy to move around. In addition, as there isn't much decoration in an industrial-themed interior, you can easily wipe the dust from these pieces of furniture and keep them clean - saving a lot of time in the process. Furthermore, metal and wood will never go out of style - unlike clothes. So if they're tired after a while, all they have to do is change up the design by repainting it; something that's easily done thanks to this versatile form of furnishing. With this type of simple yet stylish furnishing solution one can create an industrial-design room even when living in an old single family home or apartment building - all thanks to detailed consideration during planning stages regarding where each piece goes and how items are used in everyday life. 

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