Floor tiles- New Collection @ Deco Showroom

Recently in our offer appeared wood and concrete effect floor tiles.

Why DecoStones?

Our philosophy is simple: we love things which are beautiful, natural, and which give us and our families a feeling of security – and for that, we choose contact with Nature.
Our ceramic, gres porcelain and clinker tiles are inspired by natural earth tones, the texture of stones, or trees in all their variety. Our tiles are made from natural materials, and because we care about your comfort and safety, all of our ceramic, gres porcelain and clinker tiles are anti-slip and highly resistant to frost, fire and corrosion.

For easy cleaning and durability, floor tiles are a convenient allergy free alternative to carpet, particularly if you have a young family that are likely to spill. Floor Tiles make it easy for cleaning up any mess and also give you a strong, long-lasting surface that can withstand the demands of Irish Family’s  everyday use.

Whether you prefer on trend heavily patterned tiles, or more simple classic designs  our collection of Floor Tiles features a wide range of finishes, sizes and designs to complement your individual style. Don’t forget that all floor tiles can be used on walls to give you a seamless open space……

Where can you use our tiles?
These tiles may be used outside and inside residential buildings and with public utilities, excluding places situated in areas of traffic intensity, as a lining of outdoor stairs and indoor terraces, corridors, window boards, building facades and lining of fences. Clinker is resistant to binding, small water absorbability, it is resistant to changeable weather conditions that guarantee frost-resistance. Whereas frost-resistance gives the possibility to estimate inviolability of the product in time, i.e. preserving its features.

Residential buildings:
-Multi-family buildings

Public utility places:
-State offices

Locations with high traffic volume:

Places exposed to chemical agents:
-Car workshops
-Petrol stations

Places that require ease of cleaning:

Resistance to abrasion:

this is the basic parameter which should determine the choice of a floor tile for the given premise. It specifies the resistance of the tile to mechanical damage resulting from the impact of the abrasive factor. The greater the hardness of the tile is, the lower its susceptibility to scratching, wear and tear during walking and abrasions etc.

The resistance to abrasion is specified according to PN-EN ISO 10545-7. According to this method, the tiles are divided into abrasion resistance grades (PEI) with a specified number of rotations.

  • GRADE 0 (number of rotations 100) – glazed tiles of this grade are not recommended for laying on floors.
  • GRADE I (number of rotations 150) – is recommended for use in premises, where soft shoes are worn or where persons can walk bare-footed. At the same time, the premises cannot be exposed to the impact of abrasive materials (e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms without direct entrance from outside).
  • GRADE II (number of rotations 600) – is recommended for use in premises with small traffic, where shoes with soft soles are worn, e.g. living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. You must not use these tiles in premises exposed to high traffic volume as well as premises where abrasive materials can be carried in, e.g. halls, corridors, kitchens, etc.
  • GRADE III (number of rotations 750, 1500) – is recommended for use in premises with small and medium traffic, where soft shoes are worn (PEI 3/ 750), e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or where normal shoes are worn (PEI 3/1500), e.g. kitchens, corridors without direct entrance from outside and not exposed to carrying in the abrasive material.
  • GRADE IV (number of rotations 2100, 6000, 12 000) – is recommended for use in premises with normal traffic volume, in all the premises of the residential buildings, e.g. kitchens, corridors, halls, as well as in public utility premises, excluding the places with high or very high traffic.
  • GRADE V (number of rotations > 12 000) – is recommended for covering floors exposed to intensive, continuous passenger traffic, where the particles of the abrasive material are carried in, e.g. public places, shops, corridors, etc.

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