What Color Grout to Choose for Wood Effect Tiles?

The question of what color of grout for wood effect tiles will fit best is one we hear more and more often - and this is because the popularity of this type of tiles is increasing. It all depends, of course, on the desired effect, but making a good choice is aided by a few simple rules. Therefore, we suggest what color grout to choose for wood effect tiles.

Before we go on to explain what color grout best fits wood effect tiles - a few words of introduction are necessary. These tiles are so popular for two main reasons. Firstly, the Scandinavian style, followed by eco and boho, remind us of the importance of wood, which has a natural appearance, in creating visual warmth in the apartment. The second reason is due to practicality. Tiles have far superior functional qualities compared to wood, especially when exposed to high humidity, flooding with water or sand trampling. In addition, tiles are completely insensitive to underfloor heating and cooling systems, and they effectively conduct and hold temperature. This is another very important advantage of them.

Wood Effect Tiles

What Color Grout Will Work Best for Wood Effect Tiles?

When people ask designers or experts how to choose the color of grout for woodgrain tiles, they most often hear that the grout should be two shades darker than the tiles themselves. This is a wise rule of thumb. Grout slightly darker than the pattern will provide an overall consistency, while still delicately distinguishing the individual "boards," resulting in a very natural effect. Moreover, this rule can be applied to both floors and walls alike.

Find Your Grout Color

There are various grout inspirations and ideas to choose from. Lighter shades of grout, such as broken white, can work well on walls or floor. To illustrate this, let's take a look at the project below. The very light grout provides a sense of lightness, creates an impression of freshness (which will remain unchanged for years even with frequent use of the bathroom), and complements the adjacent white elements of the arrangement, such as cabinets, ceramics, and patterned tiles.

Wood Effect Tiles

Sometimes, however - not only on the floor where practical issues could arise - the grout for wood effect tiles is a darker color than the tiles itself. This is a good solution when there is a lot of black in the design, but not only then. Let's examine the illustration below. In an arrangement with wood effect tiles, dark gray grout makes the large plane of a delicate pattern with a pale color gain strength in expression.

Wood Effect Tiles

People often talk about coloring inside or outside of the lines, but when it comes to tiling, coloring the lines themselves is just as important (and fun)! Armed with our helpful grout color design tips, you should now be well on your way to finding the perfect grout color for your tile. 

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