Everyone knows that the choice of materials for finishing the house is important. Thanks to them the house may look friendly or dignified, solid or lightly, traditional or modern.
Now it’s possible to have the brick home you’ve always dreamed of with less time and hassle than traditional masonry without using fake brick.Create the beautiful, authentic fell of brick with us.

We are no 1 company available in Irish market that specialise in the supply of beautifully aged brick tiles made from original reclaimed bricks to help achieve a stunning brick effect wall.

Reclaimed brick slips from Deco Stones offer are hand selected , cleaned and with a bit of history as they come from old historical buildings build in XVIII centuries which are now been demolished.
Each brick-tile is unique and offers a variety of colour due to the weathering of each brick,what you can see on our pictures.

The beauty of reclaimed brick remains unmatched from newly manufactured imitations.By starting with real recycled vintage brick and slicing these into thin brick tile, we produce a product that installs as easily as any tile but still contains all of the character and texture of a surface that could only come from a centuries old weathered, used brick.

Our brick slips are only 18-20mm in thickness so that’s mean you can use them almost everywhere without loosing a lot of space using full brick. They can be used on any sound sufaces even plasterboard walls.

Common uses include kitchens, fireplaces,backsplashes,accent walls and full interiors of homes. Commercial installations have included restaurants, bars, wine shops, grocery stores and casinos. This also applies to the facade.
Use anywhere you would like the character and ambiance created from real reclaimed brick.

Brick slip size: 250mm x 65mm x 18-20mm

Our brick slips are frost and water- proof, heat resistant, so they can be used inside and outside of buildings.
In our offer you can find also reclaimed brick corners.Single pice “L” shaped brick tile is made from reclaimed bricks. They have red colour with white touches of mortar and some darker brick.

May be left unsealed, or sealed with a stone sealer which facilitates maintain a clean wall.Sealed brick will be easier to clean and maintain, and some sealers will repel stains.

Use your imagination to create finishes that suit your home.

Please see the image gallery to view photos of some of the our jobs. Make sure you also check out our FREE Guide: Reclaimed Brick Slips in Home Interior Design.

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