Brick Slip Deco Smoked Corner
Brick Slip Deco Smoked Corner
Brick Slip Deco Smoked Corner

Brick Slip Deco Smoked Corner

Clinker tiles hand-formed from the highest quality raw materials with an irregular, rustic structure of the face and sand sprinkles.

Available for order only . Estimated delivery time 3-4 weeks!


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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


Deco Smoked hand-formed clinker tile is a product designed for all customers who like modern designs. The brick is hand-formed from high-quality raw materials, thanks to which its color is truly unique. Natural grays, shades balancing on the border of black, shades of light and highly saturated ashen - this is currently the most fashionable color range. It fits perfectly with the façades of modern and even avant-garde buildings, as well as with irregular shapes. Hand-formed clinker brick is perfectly combined with other finishing materials, such as natural wood, metal fittings, as well as glass, creating original and fashionable compositions.

Product Details

Full Pallet
25 Sqm
Klinkier Handformed
210 x 65 x 20-22 mm
Sqm in the box
0.7 Sqm
200 Items

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